System Information: Local disk space wrong values

Go to [System Information] section and look for "Local disk space" in [Sytem Information] tab. In my case it reports 12.50 GB used, 94.40 GB total. See the image in attachment.

When I check the disk usage in Terminal I get other values. The difference is notable: Size 95G, Used 7.8G. See the other image in attachment. There are 4.7 GB which Webmin shows as being used. This value is wrong and it could be a bug.

I did a refresh but nothing changes.


The discrepency is due to disk space that is reserved for the root user only. This can be adjusted with the tunefs command.

Those lines are just the UID and GID that blocks are reserved for.

The line that tells you how much is reserved is Reserved block count: 1257049