about awstats: the logfile awstats022017.domain.tld.txt is generated every day, so this one is OK but the logfile awstats022017.www.domain.tld.txt is not being updated anymore.

as a result stats are correct on domain.tld/awstats/awstats.pl but stats are not correct on www.domain.tld/awstats/awstats.pl

in the directory home/domain.tld/awstats/ the "awstats022017.www.domain.tld.txt" is not being updated anymore. Only "awstats022017.domain.tld.txt" in that directory is updated.

how can I resolve this?

Best regards Alain Cox

( I have tried to file this via my virtualmin system - but I received an error - sorry if this would mean that this support is a duplicate)


Normally when Virtualmin sets up AWstats, the www.domain file is a symbolic link to the domain file, specifically to deal with this case.

thanks, but unfortunately I am not very familiar with symbolic links... but if it means that there is only one original/physical file and that the other file is more or less a virtual target... Can you please tell me the filename which really contains the data and in what directory is it stored?

(sorry if it is a stupid approach of something I do not fully understand)

hello Jamie, Problem solved. I deleted both files for the current month and regenerated a report. Now everything shows fine (for domain.tld and www.domain.tld) best regards Alain Cox

Status: Active » Fixed