Virtuamin backup fails

Hi, Since last update to 4.17, virtualmin servers backup fails with ".. upload failed! cp: failed to preserve ownership for "" : Permission denied"

Backup is made from CentOS6 to Synology NAS mounted as Linux directory.

It seems related to change in the latest Virtualmin version "Fixes an Apache configuration permissions issue that prevented backup restoration in some circumstances."

I suppose that virtualmin is attempting to change permissions on drive that does not support permissions changes.

Not to stress you too much, but its a pretty urgent bug.


Closed (fixed)


Jamie may need to work with you regarding the root issue here -- however, the above problem shouldn't prevent the backup from running properly.

If it is, we may just need to set the "Continue on error" option to make sure it completes.

That option is available in the backup schedules for any of your backups. Setting that will make it so that even if a backup fails for some reason, the process will continue.

Most likely it's due to the remote filesystem not supporting permissions - is it a file server mounted using SMBFS?


Thanks for the suggestion Andrey,

"Action on error" is set to "Continue with other features and servers". I don't see any other similar setting.

The backup still fails. The domain files seems to be created, however the .info and the main virtualmin settings file are not because the cp command fails.

I am doing backup over Synology NAS, it does not seem to support permissions (will try to get more info tomorrow). Can please detect that kind of storage please.

Thank you

How is it mounted as a Linux directory -- is it using NFS?

Another option for the time being would be to perform the uploads over SSH into your NAS, as that should support changing the file ownership/permissions even if that can't be done over NFS.

That said, it should be possible to change the permissions of the files even if they are mounted via something like NFS... it's possible that you're seeing an issue related to the permissions given to the network filesystem.

One more question - was this a backup made by or run by the domain owner, or by the root user?

Its a scheduled backup configured by root user.

Tried manually change a permission on a file on the NAS as root and failed. All the files have permission "user".

Ok, I will add a work-around in the next Virtualmin release to not fail in this case.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

When do you think to release the fix?

Currently am using an alternative backup location which is really not safe.

We're hoping to push out a new Virtualmin release very soon -- this week if possible.