Missing CentOS security fixes

Hi guys, I dont see security fixes for the following CVEs. Can you please add them?

CVE-2019-10092 CVE-2019-10098 CVE-2019-0220 CVE-2019-0217 CVE-2018-17199



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Thanks for passing the info! I'm passing this to Joe.

Note that to improve the lag we sometimes see with things like that, in CentOS 8 we came up with an alternative way of handling Apache so that it wouldn't actually need to be modified by us, so it uses the default package as provided by CentOS.

I appreciate that doesn't help you now, but just a note for the future!

Great thanks - that sounds much better. Are we talking days weeks or months for a CentOS 7 update?

Is there any update here? This was flagged again in our most recent vulnerability scan as an urgent issue.